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Sérénité Services de travailleurs sociaux privés  dans le Grand Montréal
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Your private social worker

in the Greater Montreal area, Laval, North Shore, Montérégie and Estrie.

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Annie Gagnon interviewée dans la revue Virage

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-        Homologation of the protection mandate

-        Opening of tutorship

-        Temporary representation

-        Assessment of issues

-        Submission of observations

-        Recommendations and follow-ups

-        Advice and support

-        Interventions at home

-        Service references


We take care of you

My team and I know that it is not easy to take steps to take care of a relative. This is why we offer you an approach based on:


- Support throughout the process;

- Clear and detailed explanations;

- Advice to make the best decisions;

- Listening, support, respect and compassion.

I invite you to contact us so that we can answer your questions and thus lighten the weight on your shoulders.

It's my promise.

Annie Gagnon T.S.

President and Founder of SÉRÉNITÉ


Our capacity
to deliver quickly

SÉRÉNITÉ is a firm that brings together several social workers.

This unique principle allows us to be more agile and efficient, thus reducing the time it takes to complete a mandate.

Provide the staff that suits you best

Each situation is different and each of our clients has expectations that we strive to meet as efficiently as possible by assigning the best resource to support you.

Several expertises for an impeccable work

Our social workers have different expertise and experience. This way we are able to find the solution that best suits your situation.

  SÉRÉNITÉ wishes to support its customers to the best of its abilities.

To do this, we only recruit resources with exceptional technical expertise and

in-depth knowledge

of the health network.

Only skilled resources

Always available for
take care of you

Because the approach

you undertake is constituted

of a host of details and that it is punctuated by intense moments,

it is important for us to always be

present to support you.

A commitment to providing the best possible service 

The pride we take from our efforts is that of a job well done.

The satisfaction of our customers

is not just a goal,

it is a commitment.

L'eau bleue
"Totally satisfied meeting with Annie. I love her approach, her dynamism, her professionalism and her way of working. I would recommend with my eyes closed."



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